10 September, 2008

Me on the Web: Equivalent Exposure.

Photo of me, by me. . . taken in a mirror marking a blind corner in Aspen, CO.
Just in case you were wondering. ;)

My post on Manual Camera settings went up today over at DPS. It is part iv (yes I think I'm cool because I use roman numerals) of a iv part series discussing manual camera settings. In this post we wrap it all up discussing equivalent exposure. If you are a beginning photographer, I highly recommend checking it out as you're sure to find it extremely helpful.

Check it out HERE.

PS- I really tried to make it simple. . . and it hurt my brain. . . a lot.


KK said...

I'll definitely check it out...

Sold your soul to The Image is Found???? I'm dying to know what that's all about!

taryn said...

thanks for taking the time out to post all of those great articles on DPS. they were very helpful, and you've inspired me to get out of AUTO and move into MANUAL. that's a huge deal. i still need to practice A LOT. but maybe one day i'll be a cool photographer like you.

Anonymous said...

It was awesome, per usual!