15 September, 2008

I LOVE this Love Letter.

I got this fun email success story today that I wanted to share. Stephanie read my articles on manual settings (Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV) and decided that she wanted to turn her 40d into something other than a glorified point and shoot. Read her fun little story below and check out this amazing shot she captured!! Nice work girlfriend!!

Image Credit: Stephanie Newbold

Hi Natalie, and aloha from Tucson, Arizona!

I'm a huge fan, and not in that crazy stalker way, though I DID have this one ex-boyfriend...but I digress :) Anyway, I've been following your tutorials on DPS and have been working hard at turning my new Canon 40D into something more than a point and shoot. hee hee. giggle giggle.

I printed your articles and took them along with my camera and extra batteries (no tripod -- try as I might, I HATE using it!) on our family's annual houseboat vacation to Lake Powell, which resides in both Utah and Arizona. I don't know if you've ever been there, but it's an awesome place where you can really feel the power of Mother Nature. Very humbling.

I wanted to share a couple of shots...and maybe entice you to the lake for a mainland vacation :)


Stephanie Newbold
Tucson, Arizona


Larry said...

That is awesome! I've also been following your thread on DPS. I love it! I'm also in the 40D category and this post is just what I needed to see. Thanks!

Amber Shumake said...

I too have been following your posts on DPS, I love them! This is so inspirational, just what I need to give me a kick in the behind and start exploring! Thank you so much and Stephanie Newbold, this is such an extraordinary shot! Great job.

Ashley said...

Good for her. That is a gorgeous shot. And good for you to. I love that you always share.

Anonymous said...

Way cool! Totally inspiring. Thanks for sharing the love love love with everyone Nat! Thanks for telling Nat how her info helped you Stephanie, Larry and Amber!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is such a spectacular photo!!! I'd buy the poster if I saw it in a store. Very professional, Stephanie. And Natalie -- how flattering! Thank for this post!

Jody said...

Wow Great catch! Yes I am too a proud owner of a D40 and I'm lovin itttt!
I have read and Continue to reread your articles on manual settings. I even got brave enough to try it out on my new GD this am. At first, the shutter was like..click cliiiiiiiiiiiick. Agh. Ok I thought, its not enough light. So I bumped up the ISO. Then the pic went clickclick!! Wooooot!

SO again beautiful photo. I hope I can catch one like that oneday.
And thanks Nat for being you =)

Annie Link said...

Wow Stephanie! Beautiful shot! Natalie you're an inspiration to so many of us. Thanks for sharing your gifts!

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone! Honestly, Natalie's tutorials in DPS are awesome - soooo easy that even camera challenged me can read 'em, understand 'em and get some good shots. Natalie rocks!