25 August, 2008

The Real J.

So many thanks to Chris and Taylor for scratching the "dress your baby up for his one year old pictures" philosophy and letting J just be J!! Oh, and yes, his name is J. Just the letter. Not Jay, J.


shelly said...

These are fantastic, Natalie! Love them

richie said...

Rad J! Love you boy!

Amber said...

So cute! I love the first photo!!

They call me Annie said...

Oh. Oh. Oh. Can't catch my breath.
#1 He'll love forever. Feels Hawaii
#2 Love those little knuckle dimples!
#3 J is THE MAN!

You rock!

Our Blog Spot said...

OH NAT!!! These brough tears to my eyes. I mean this. I am actually crying. Right now.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE you! Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent with our family. Oh, we are forever indebted!


Anonymous said...

Natalie I love all the info you pass along. I was wondering what you would recommend for a newbie like me starting out in the lens department. I'm shooting families, children, seniors and some weddings. I shoot with a 40D Canon. Thanks so much!