05 August, 2008

Me on the Web.

Ok all y'all, you asked for it. The first post in my series discussing manual settings went up today over at DPS. It's all about understanding Aperture. . . definitely a beginner's guide. Check it out here.

Stick with these posts and in the next few weeks you'll have Manual Camera Settings NAILED. Scouts honor.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Nat! I've had several people asking me to explain photography to them lately and after my lame attempt at doing so, I'm now directing them all to you.

Heather said...

Dear Picks 'N Kicks:

I was just wondering...whatever happened to Raleigh Norton Photography? He was one of my favorite photographers I've ever seen, and all of the sudden he just stopped taking pictures. What happened? If you could give him a message that I'd like to see more of his work on his blog, I'd greatly appreciate it! xoxo, Heather

Anonymous said...

AMAAAzing article, Nat! Really. Really. Good.

Karthick Gopal said...

This is a fantastic post Natalie. Thanks for making these things so clear! AND HURRY UP ON THE NEXT ONE YO!