09 June, 2008

Let's Talk.

Have you left a comment on a Picks and Kicks post in the past that asked a specific question? In the past I answered comments via email or on the "questioner's" personal blog. Over the last few months, I've been answering questions via comments on the original post so that other's have access to the answers as well. I also hope to encourage more of a conversational type comment stream.

If you've asked a question and thought I blew you off. . . well think again! Go back to the original post where the question was asked, and you may just be surprised that your query has already been covered. :) If for any reason I missed it, I apologize! Comment again with a reminder and I'll get right to it! (The same goes for emails. If you haven't heard from me, please please please, send me a reminder. Because of the vast number of emails I receive daily, if I can't get to the email immediately, it's often so rapidly down the list of emails it falls off my radar).

FYI: when commenting on Pics and Kicks, and you're logged in to blogger, you'll see a box that says: "Email follow-up comments to:". If you check that box, you'll receive email updates when another comment is added to the SAME post. It's a good way to know when I've responded without having to check back until you see the response.


Kristi said...

I have a couple of questions, I am a complete dummy when it comes to photography. (1)I am curious what you recommend for photo editing such as software or other resources. (2)Also do you use any specific business to print photo albums if you do print albums. (3) Odd question have you ever re-taken wedding pictures for someone because theirs didn't turn out on the special day?

Natalie. said...


I'm assuming it's you asking these questions. . . :) but if it's Paul, then HI PAUL!

1) do you have a mac or a pc? If you have a mac, I'd recommend Apple's Aperture. It's a fantastic program. I have recently moved over to Photoshop, but I honestly don't do anything more or less than I could have done with Aperture. Also Bridge is a great program. For minor edits: iphoto is a GREAT companion!

2) I am currently choosing between several. I'm waiting on sample albums from each to make my final selection. I'll let you know when I decide. The 3 I'm choosing between are Finao, Kiss and ____. . . I can't remember. . . It's late :)

3) Ha ha ha! Well, yes and no. I have never re-taken images that I PERSONALLY screwed up. . . because I don't screw up. . . ha ha. . . but I have retaken images of couples who felt that their photographer hadn't done a good job. . . does that make sense? :)

Hope that's helpful!