17 May, 2008

Whatis IS YOUR Bag Natalie Norton?

Sooo. . . we're going to do things a little differently this week for the What's in Your Bag? installment. BECAUSE, I bought a new bag! That I'm thrilled with!!

Welcome to What IS Your Bag Natalie Norton?

Meet the Tamrac CyberPro Express! I am in love with this bag for so many reasons.

1. It has wheels! If you didn't know, I have Degenerative Disk Disease in my spine, which apparently not everyone thinks is degenerative nor do many consider it a disease. The only real concern is that I'm only 26. . . and I've had problems with it since I was 17. . . NOT NORMAL. HOWEVER, to me, basically it means I shouldn't lift heavy stuff. Or get pregnant again for a long time. Gol. What a tangent. . . so the bag has wheels! And I LOVE THAT!
2. It is lap top compatible!!! Wahoo! As I'm doing more and more weddings out of state and need my Macbook, Earl, to ride along with me in style, this is a HUGE bonus that I wasn't even thinking about during the hunt. This feature was so a deal clincher.

3. It can hold more junk than Hurley's trunk. Lenses galore, two large camera bodies WITH BATTERY PACKS ATTACHED WHILE SPORTING 70-200mm ZOOMS!!! It also has room for my external flash and 3 or 4 different lenses. . . 4 for me since I'm moving over to the world of WIDE PRIME and they're all small.

4. Carry on compatible. Need I say more??

5. All the other typical junk:
  • large pockets for ac adapters, cables etc.
  • weather protection
  • fully padded
  • bla bla bla
I LOVE THIS BAG!! It's a little pricey (I bought mine for $279.95. . . but that's because I walked right into a Ritz and paid retail so I wouldn't have to wait. . . I'm sure you could find cheaper online) but SO worth it!!

Now all I need is a bag for shooting. . . I'm skipping back and forth between Boda and ShootSac. Your thoughts?

Stay tuned for another episode of What's in Your Bag? to hear how I FILLED said bag!

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Happy Shooting and have a great weekend!




Anonymous said...

Wow, Nat. That looks really, I mean REALLY exciting! Good for you! I can't wait to see what you filled the bag with...

Anonymous said...

Neat bag! I would love a shootsac if I were a pro. Can't justify it when my kids are the only people I photograph. And they don't pay me (they're unwilling participants). =0) Anyway, I love the pretty covers she sells to go with them.

Natalie. said...


YES! I love all the fun Shootsac fabrics too. . . I wish I could design my OWN and pay more to have them create it for me though! Wouldn't that be fun to have it customized??!!

Hey, you tell those kiddos that's what you want for a late mother's day present. . . you could use it as half camera bag, half diaper bag!



Mark R Coons - Music Man5 Photos said...

Congrats on the new bag Natalie! Looks great.

I am a big Tamrac fan. I just bought a cart to put under my Tamrac bag as I was having issues with my back also.

Thanks for sharing this with us!

Anonymous said...

So I just dropped some moola for the shootsac... and I LOVE IT! It's so versatile. I seriously have like 12 lenses in there, a flash, some extra batteries, room for my phone and keys, and it STILL lays flat to my body while I am shooting. Totally worth it. OH, and I just did a beach shoot a couple weeks ago, and my bag did get a little damp, I know it's not good for the lenses but the bag is neoprene (scuba diver wear) and it totally protected my lenses. BUT DON'T TRY THAT AT HOME! Lol!

slavin said...

Ok, so I am afraid Kev is going to want this bag now that we bought a camera haha Just kidding......Cool bag though.