11 May, 2008

Dear Mom.

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Dear Mom,

I'm breaking my "no posts on Sunday" rule for you on this very significant day. It is Mother's Day, yes, but more significantly it's the first such day you have spent without your sweet little boy. I know that he is thinking of you today and longing to be near you just as you long to be near him.

If I may be so bold as to speak for a moment in his behalf:

Dear Mom,

Hi Mom! Thank you for being so wonderful! There could not have been a better mother for Natty and I than you. We both feel so blessed to have you. You gave us your whole heart in everything, and always. What an angel mother you are. I know you miss me today mommy, I miss you too, but remember where I am and all the wonderful things that I'm doing. Remember how happy I am. Remember that I'll see you soon, and mostly, remember that I love you sooooooooooooo much. Ooooh I love you! I am nearer than you know. I walk beside you in the sunshine and I dance with you through the wind. I am forever your little boy, and I love you.

Mom, I'll see you sooner than you know.
Happy Mother's Day!!

Yours forever,
AKA: Gavin Son, Gavtron, Gaver Dave, Gabbie, Gavzilla, Venus. . .Unkie

PS. "You're so bamboo tops!"

Mom, we do love you, Gavin and I. So much more than you could ever know. We will all be together again very soon. Thank you for always giving yourself to us completely. Thank you for teaching us to work and to play, to love and to forgive and to accept others unconditionally. Thank you for teaching us to be independent and strong but mostly thank you for teaching us to be humble and for teaching us about He on whom we should rely for all things. . .

We couldn't have asked for anything better, not in our wildest dreams.

I love you Mom!
Happy Happy Mother's Day!


Annie Link said...

I love you Sis! You made me cry--and it feels so good. How did I get so blessed?? (I can't get through on your or Richie's phone--all the lines are busy. Check out my blog.)

PhotoChick said...

This was such a sweet post - brought tears to my eyes. My heart goes out to you for no longer having your brother here on this earth... It was so sweet of you to write something to your mom from him. I know she loved your sweet words!

Hope that you had a wonderful Mother's Day as well. You certainly deserve it - much love to you and yours, take care and God Bless!

Anonymous said...

I love you Mother Annie!!!!

Annie Link said...

I love you too Richie!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOO much!