05 May, 2008

Congratulations Are DEFINITELY In Order.

I want to congratulate my friends Amelia and Justin Lyon of Amelia Lyon Photography for their recent nomination as BluDomain's photographer of the year. Voting will be in June. Mark your calendars if you will, but don't you worry, I won't let you forget! They SOOOO deserve this honor. This steaming team shot Heather's wedding a couple of years ago. They rocked then, and I'll tell you what, they rock even harder now. It has been so inspirational to watch them grow as photographers. They honestly have been probably the single greatest inspiration in my own journey toward photographic wonder and awe. . . ha ha ha. . . but really.

The winner will be taking the crown from another friend of mine and BEYOND notable photographer, Jasmine Star. However if the crown must be passed, Justin and Amelia are a deserving pair.

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Anonymous said...

I think Amelia Lyon Photography is incredible -- I still love going through all of Heather & Matt's wedding pics over and over because I've never seen anyone else be quite as creative with their effects, angles, and capturing the moment as well as they do! I love them!