15 April, 2008

Me on the Web.

My post for Digital Photography School went up today: Blog Power. It's all about the power of a blog in the life of an aspiring photographer.

Check it out. You won't be disappointed.

Happy Shooting!



PS- Thank you to God for inspiring me to create a blog. It has enriched my life in so many ways. Particularly after Gavin died. It has been so healing for me to have something artistic to pour myself into. It has been monumental in helping me manage the intensity of my grief. My blog (and more particularly my photography. . . the skills for which my blog inspired me to hone) assisted me in discovering myself through my grief and pain rather than loosing myself there. It has truly been a miraculous blessing in my life and I would be ungrateful not to publicly say thank you to God for blessing me with it.


Anonymous said...

Very cool article. I've slowly been learning about photography over the last couple of years with my point and shoot. I'll be buying the new Rebel when it comes out at the end of this month (first time to own a DSLR), and I thought about starting a blog to chronicle my journeys in the Single Lens Reflex System Club.

Erica said...

I found your article on digital photography school and had to check out your blog. I've just started up my photoblog (ericamay.wordpress.com) and it's certainly a work in progress. :)

May God continue to bless you, your talents and your family!

- Erica in Kansas City

Annie Link said...

Gratitude is the highest form of worship.

Anonymous said...

Just read your DPS article on photoblogs, so since I liked both it & the "Best Friend's Wedding" article, thought I should wander over to check out your blog. Good stuff (and good portrait work)!


Ashley said...

Can I tell you I love you! You are so great at sharing tips and writting in away that is so entertaining. You have helped me grow and get better ideas of where to start on my journey. Thanks. You Rock!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I also read what you had to say about photoblogs. I always thought the same thing - who would want to see/read what I have to say? But I thought your article had a lot of good points. Thank you for posting it. : >

P.S. I want wanted to say that I am sorry for your loss. I pray that God will be your comfort during this time.

JulieAnn said...

Hello! I just wanted to say that I love reading your blog. When I'm back in Hawaii, I'm definitely calling you up to take our pictures (as an excuse to hang out with you).

I also wanted to encourage you. I lost my brother (we were 14 months different in age) 12 years ago yesterday. I continue to seek healthy ways to grieve, but anything that causes you to glorify God is good :) May God be praised.