18 April, 2008


Mahalo to Heather McCullah at One Shot Beyond for the Mention!



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Jennifer Rinaldi said...

Isn't it a small world :)

Everything is connected...

I've know Heather for over a year through a photography forum...i started my blog and I found I found your article on DPS and I posted a couple on my blog.

Heather is a great friend to me and loyal reader of my blog. She read the articles and enjoyed them.

When she told me she was going to the WPPI convention in Vegas I remembered seeing that you mentioned you were going as well so I wrote her an e-mail and told her to look out for Natalie Norton from Hawaii. How knows with a convention so large if she'd run into you.

So, as you know she did and she came home and told me that you & a few others had dinner together! LOL :)

I just kept thinking what a small world it is. I don't know you personally but I enjoy your blog and your work and I here I was saying looking for Natalie and you both connected. I love it!

Well, I've babbled long enough! Enjoy your day!