08 April, 2008

Lame Video. RAD song.

This is dedicated to you Jase.


Jonathan Canlas said...

hilarious. this reminds me of being on the road. why you ask? because good old trusty priceline always puts me in hiltons. and at the hilton on their tvs there is a hilton channel that features this song and the funny looking fat kid that sings it. so, celebrate being alive, get on a plane, and come to a couple weddings out here in the proud beehive state. i'm so not kidding.

Aloha said...

Bret Dennon is the man. Love the happy vibes i get from his songs. www.myspace.com/brettdennen

Anonymous said...

I was just going to ask who it was -- thank you, Jake! Nat, I LOVE this! Never heard it before. I think this could make me very happy listening to this as I clean the house! Thanks!
P.S. - I love you!