29 April, 2008

Dear Natalie.

Dear Natalie,

Hi. My name is Taryn Rivera and I'm a blog stalker. LOL... seriously though...I really think you should put together a FAQ section on your blog. Another idea -- I'd love to read a "What's In Your Bag?" post about Natalie Norton. Just a thought. *smile*

I know you're super busy managing your business and family... but I have a few questions regarding your photography.

- How and when did you get started?
- What software do you use to post-process your photos?
- Are there certain "actions" or "presets" that you use on all of your photos? {They always look so dreamy and whimsical.}
- How much time do you devote to editing your images? {That is so draining!}
- What type of PC do you use?
- What's in your bag?
- Other than your camera, what do you bring with you on your shoots?
- Do you always shoot in RAW?

I could keep going, but I don't think you have the time. Nor do I expect you to get to this right away. But I do hope to hear from you soon!

This post is LONG over due as I get this same
bunch of questions just about


Taryn, I'm off to take little people to pre-school,
but during nap time, I promise to tackle these questions
like a monkey tackles a banana. . .
yea, I didn't get much sleep last night,
sooo let's let the monkey thing slide. . .

Check back soon!




Jessica said...

great questions! i'd love to know too!

taryn said...

woo to the hoo!! i'm so looking forward to reading your answers. thanks!!

no rush though...i know life's tough enough being a full-time mom!

Ashley said...

Those are great questions. I can't wait to hear the answers.

Dawn said...

Can't wait to hear the answers! Those are the questions I always ask other photographers.

The Shumways said...

Hey Nat! Can I give you a call sometime? maybe you could send me your #? michelle.shumway@gmail.com
thanks girl!