11 March, 2008

You've Had a Birthday: Shout Hurray!

H: You are such a HAPPY person!
E: You are an EXPERT at everything you do!
A: You are ALWAYS THERE for everyone who ever needs you! Ever!
T: THE COTERIE! (that's a link, don't miss it). Thank you for that. SO MUCH!
H: You're HANDY to have around because you're really good at random things. . . :)
E: You make everything EXCITING! You love adventure!!
R: You ROCK!

I love you so much Heather! I hope you have a fantastic day!



PS- Comment if you love Heather too! Don't forget to tell us why!


AJ said...

I LOVE Heather because she is the most genuine, integral and fun friend anyone in the world could have!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

shelly said...

Heather....oh, let me count the ways that I love her!
She's kind, sweet, sensitive, great listener, loving, empathetic, fun, beautiful, artistic, caring daughter, fantastic sister, loving aunt, amazing wife, good cook, great inner strength, generous, competent massage therapist, intelligent, lover of nature, ballerina (mad at mom for not keeping her in ballet), gifted photographer, great friend to everyone, full of integrity, never sacrificed her values, pure. I could go on and on -- really! And NOT just because she's mine!
I love you, sweet daughter of mine....Happy Birthday!
(Thanks, Nat, for always being an incredibly sis-in-law to her, and loving her as a true sister!)

The Tesimales said...

I love Heather because she is SO MUCH fun! She loves adventure, and is so kind to everyone.

Annie Link said...

Happy Birthday Heather!!! You are one of my favorite people in this whole wide world and I'm SOOO glad you are my friend!
Oh yes. I love Heather because her heart is so open and giving and so very, very tender and kind.

Amber said...

I Love Heather! We went to high school together and spent a lot of time together. We went to see Blondie together and had an awesome time too. She is an awesome friend, Happy Birthday!
(P.S. Hi Richie!!)
... Amber (Purdy)

Kelli Radmall said...

Heather! Happy Birthday! I have a feeling you will always be young. You will be one of those jazzy old ladies who has short sassy hair and cool jewelry, who is sooo with it and always young at heart. Plus, you will always be younger than me! I love you because you are so giving and genuine and creative and you make great manicotti and magic bars. Love you!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Heather!!! I love Heather soooo much! When we lived together in College she was always down to do something crazy or adventurous. She always stood strong in her beliefs and was a great example to me...but that doesn't mean she didn't crack me up with her bizarre and sometimes inappropriate sense of humor :) Heather is always looking to good to those around her and would do ANYTHING for ANYONE. She is so genuine and sincere and hilarious and talented and FUN! I am glad to count her among my favorite people and closest friends. Hope the Birthday was amazing Heather!! I love you!!!

Heather said...