18 March, 2008


Yesterday I had the pleasure (truly it was an absolute pleasure) to go to lunch with a few awesome photographers among whom was Brooks of the husband/wife team that is Brooks Weddings. You all know about my golden rule of photography? Well this guy is a rock star. So awesome (he told me I could come shoot with him at one of the 4 freaking weddings he has scheduled this year in the Caribbean), so laid back (no weird ulterior motives up his Tommy Bahamas sleeve), totally open (I really appreciated his recommendations on gear), ULTRA TALENTED (see below) . . . and he picked up the check (and let me copy his order of a Belgium waffle with EXTRA CRISPY bacon) . . . what's not to love? I seriously CANNOT WAIT to meet his wife!!! We all know women are better than men, so with a husband that cool. . . I just can't wait!!

For those of you who know me well. . .is this photo not RIGHT up my alley? I am in love with it!

Photo Credit: Duh, totally Brooks Weddings

Brooks, you really are a BIG DANG DEAL! (Wink wink Brooks . . . readers, you're not meant to understand that so don't go scratching you head). Jonathan, thanks so much for introducing us!

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