22 February, 2008

Wowie Me. . . Cardon's Three!!!

Cardon this post is for YOU!

To my sweet boy with the giant spirit:

Your mommy and daddy love you so much! You have brought SO MUCH fun and Adventure (with a capital A) into our lives! Thank you for being so very wonderful!

Mommy loves your sweet, squishy kisses from your plump and generally wet lips more than anything else on Earth!

And you have that Daddy of yours wrapped around your little finger. . . and boy do you know it don't you?!

Remember the other day when I curled my hair (for once) and you looked up into my eyes in wonder, fluffed my hair with your chubby little hands and said in a breathy astonished voice, "Mommy! You look like a girl?!?" Well, my Cardon, I AM a girl. A girl with a total crush on YOU.

I love you my little man. SO much I do.

Happy Happy Birthday!


Mommy (the girl)


Ashley said...

I can't believe he is three. I remember your pregnancy with him and his cute chubby little body. Happy Birthday big boy.

Rach said...

Yeah 3 for Cardy!!! I can't believe it. Our fat little babies are getting older. I love how lovey Cardy is and loves to involve everyone in his games. We love you Cardy!

shelly said...

Happy Birthday, our Cardie! Grandma and Grandpa love you so MUCH and wish we could be there for your big day!

This month is such a special one,
It's birthday time for you!
We'd really like to celebrate this
Happy Day with you!
Zip-a-dee-ay and Hi-dee-ho
Here's something we can do
We'll sing a song that you all know
Happy Birthday,

(Have your mom and dad sing that for you, okay?)
Grandma and Grandpa!

Heather said...

Please give Cardie a WET KISS for aunt Heather! Thanks!

My Dearest Rich said...

Happy Birthday Cardon! He IS adorable. I look FORWARD to the twins turning 3, anticipating we will end the horrible phase we are in now! :)

Molly Bea said...

Wow! "little" cardy is so big! I can't believe he's already three! I can still see him swaddled up in the swing, a big chunky baby with an easy smile! He looks so much like Richie too!