28 February, 2008

Photo Quick Tip: The Golden Rule of Photography.

To all my photographer friends,

Do unto other photographers as you would have done unto you.

I believe in Karma.

Help each other. Reach out to each other. Drop the faulty thinking that there aren't enough clients to go around. Loose the thought that if one photographer takes a great picture, you somehow aren't as successful or wonderful. Share tips and ideas openly, and I promise you it will come full circle.

Ahh. . . Karma. . . she is the secret to good photography. She is what will help you become successful. And it's she that will will give you peace of mind along this crazy, passionate road of photography.

My pledge to you is that I am absolutely, 100% here to help you along that road. I am 100%, no 1,000,000% dedicated to being open and frank with you. Helping you reach success brings me joy. TRULY! I am by no means an expert. I hope you feel compelled to share with me as well.


Happy shooting!

All my very best and ALOHA!



Anonymous said...

Fantastic attitude! I don't know why everything has to be a competition with most people. Anyways, I love your work! Keep it up!

Heather said...

Yes- Natalie is my all-time fav. photographer not only because of her fabulous photos, but because I've literally called her about 20x about this shoot that's coming up...TODAY! It's a wedding, and I'm NOT a wedding photographer! She's helped me a lot with every little question my mind can think of. She's also a great motivator! Thanks Nat! I love you! Too bad we don't live next to eachother...wouldn't it be fun to do shoots TOGETHER? I would like that!

Just SO said...

I love your attitude about this. I wish more people had it about everything.

Natalie. said...

Heather, I would love NOTHING MORE than going on a shoot with you!

i'm erin. said...

Natalie! I just love you! YOu have already helped me out so much, I will be sending some photoshop questions your way pretty soon. Thanks for your help.

OMI said...

HI Nat...K it's taking me forver to figure out this thing. I know it's not that hard..give me a break. It's like 2am over here. I gotta use the only free time I have. Thanks for motivating me and inspiring me to get moving again. I love you to pieces. Come see what I've got. It's under construction..

Ashley Thalman said...

glad you offered!
i have about 1,000 questions.
what is your email address?
mine is

Carly said...

I quoted this post on my photo tips blog and linked back to your blog here too. Thanks so much for all you do you have helped this beginning photographer in many many ways!!

Aloha from Idaho,