21 December, 2007

Stuff those Stockings RIGHT!

Sick of boring old stockings full of smashed Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and a dry orange? Well this year, why not fill the stocking with something truly sensational? Some of this may not fit the typical "stocking budget," so maybe it'll have to sit under the tree with the knit sweater from Grandma, the Old Spice for Uncle Charles and all the other regular Joe's, BUT I PROMISE YOU, none of this stuff is anywhere near regular!

A hip alternative to the traditional stocking toothbrush, the Tooth Tunes by Hasbro ($9.99) will have your kiddos rockin' out at the bathroom sink. This baby guarantees the full 2 minutes of brush time recommended by dentists for proper dental health. We've got 2 of these jewels sitting in the Norton's North Pole (aka hiding in my parent's garage) anxiously awaiting Christmas morning! Comes with Hannah Montana, HS Musical and Black Eyed peas just to name a few. BE SURE TO BUY FROM TOYS R US! Ever other place I found them they ran close to $40!

Flip Video
, by . . . well Flip Video. Available in all kinds of snazarific colors. It seems to run about 149.99 just about everywhere and that's for the version with the longer recording capacity. The shorter the recording capacity, the lower the price. Now, despite the "high" (totally worth every penny trust me) price, this one belongs in the stocking so that you can video the kiddies tearing down the stairs and attacking the tree! This baby lives in my purse. I video something spectacular, "flip" a switch and the built in usb comes a poppin' out and straight into my comp! It records things in segments so you're already all organized and ready for YouTube or Blogger or email for Grammie or whatever! THIS BABY IS FANTASTIC! In fact, we bought ours this summer and I've since seen it on Oprah, and if Oprah digs it. . . well. . . you dig where I'm comin' from?

Target, Chef'n Vibe, Collapsible Measuring Cup Set, $17.99. Great for the Family Chef!

Check out this Bees Wax Candle Making Kit from Willow Tree toys. 100% natural and 100% radical! What a cool, original gift! And at $10.95? 100% wonderful on the checkbook as well!

Eddie Bower, Complete Survival Kit, $19.95. BUY ONE GET ONE 50% OFF! Great gift for EVERYONE!

You or someone you love gone green? Great! Check out this fantabulous (truly) All Natural Shaving Oil from Pacific Shaving Company. Smooth and moisturized and all natural too? You betcha! At $6.95 how can you go wrong? DID I MENTION THAT PACIFIC SHAVING CO PLANTS A TREE FOR EVERY SHAVING PRODUCT THEY SELL????!?!?!? This is the stuffer that just keeps on stuffing. . . er giving!

Fusion Razor
by Gillette, $9.99 Amazon (1 razor, 2 cartridges). This one rocks the chart! Totally the PERFECT his/her stuffer. I shave with this baby and so does Rich and it continues to receive RAVE REVIEWS. Downside, cartridges run a little pricey (cheapest I've found is bulk from my lover COSTCO). . . but on the upside, one cartridge lasts far longer than the typical razor.

Real Simple has a list of 10 rocking stocking stuffers for $10 or less. The list includes a paper soap dispenser and magnetic paper clips to name off my faves.


Anonymous said...

Awesome ideas, Nat! I love all of them! Now, where the heck did the $ go??? I'm sure it's here someplace!

Lindsay Ross said...

I love your gift ideas! the crazy thing about triplets is that im married to one, and i nanny triplets too! haha what are the odds.... the babies i nanny are two girls and a boy though, which is actually more common than three of the same sex. crazy huh?

Patria said...

hi Natalie! thanks for commenting on our blog- your blog is super cute- did you get my email? we love the pics and we are planning a post with some of the others and a shout out to your photography (:

Gibson Gang said...

Great ideas! LOVE the toothbrush! Merry Christmas to you and your family! Please tell your parents "hi" from us!

The Price Family said...

You are right! Gillette Fusion is the greatest razor ever.