12 December, 2007

Quote of the Day

We had to make an airport run late late late last night to pick Richie up from a business trip on Kauai. We're listening to the radio, and I can tell that Raleigh is getting tired, because when he gets sleepy, the chatter bug comes out. He talks and talks and talks and talks.

"Mom is there any way to really fly besides an airplane?"

"Well, you could go skydiving like Uncle Erik and Aunt Kindsay did, remember?"

"No, I mean REALLY fly, with nothing on my body at all?"

"Well if you become an astronaut then you could float that's kindof like flying."

From here I am forced to delve into the gravitational pull of the Earth, explain that no, he couldn't just go floating in space because he would float away and we'd never be able to find him, but he doesn't "want a ROOOOPE" holding him to his spacecraft, he just wants to "FLY" (pronounced "FA LIE!")

The conversation went from, well I'd say probably from Hauula to AT LEAST the H3 cutoff (a good 35 min), when the incessant chatter was momentarily interrupted by the radio announcer,

"Playing Hawaii's HOTTEST music!"

Raleigh sat quiet a long time, I actually wondered if he'd fallen asleep, I looked in the rear view mirror to watch his head bob a few times and his eyes begin to drift shut, when suddenly he flew to a seated position and BURST out, "Wait a minute! That is NOT Hawaii's hottest music." A firm declaration "I W I L L N O T S A L E E E E E P!"

Thank you Raleigh for liberating the world of the exaggerations of radio personalities one solitary station at a time.


Annie Link said...

I LOVE that picture of Rals. I want to frame it for my wall. (He's doin his Unkle Erik smile.) I also love that Raleigh STILL thinks about flying--without an airplane, without a parachute or a rope--just you and the breeze! Just F-L-Y-I-N-G away up in the sky! I've dreamed about flying several times in the last couple of weeks. . . Looks like I'm with you, Raleigh. Lets figure it out somehow, someday, ok? (I'll bet Unkie knows how!)

Annie Link said...

Oh, and THANK YOU for sharing that wonderful exchange. How priceless can it get? I love your writing, Nat! Your talents just don't quit. Where did you come from??? You just keep amazing me. I love you so much.

shelly said...

How do you describe a feeling - a thrill - that goes from deep inside your heart right out through every pour of your body? That's what I get every time I hear a story like that about those little boys! Yes, THANK YOU for sharing these gems. You "take me there" with your words, Natalie.

shelly said...

It's a little like flying...

Ashley said...

What a cutie. I can't believe that he is getting so big. Isn't fun to try to explain things we really don't understand ourselves. I love kid logic its just so simple.

Heather said...

Ok, first of all, CUTE photo of Raleigh! Secondly, I LOVE that story! HAHA! Raleigh is hilarious! Can he have another slumber party at my house when you come?

jase said...

i think this is the best thing that I have heard in a while...this totally made me laugh out loud in front of my computer. I love it...I can just hear his voice!! I love it I love it!!