29 November, 2007

Raising Sand

Check out this new album called Raising Sand. It's a collaborative effort by Allison Krauss (bluegrass icon extraodinare) and Robert Plant (Led Zepplin). It's beautiful. There's a song on the album called "Your Long Journey." Click for a cry (it's track 13 once you're on the page. . . sorry I looked and looked but couldn't find an embedded version of this song). It's sweet (as in tender, not as in Saweet!). It makes me think of my Gavin.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you like this CD. I haven't been listening to my iPod. Thanks for reminding me of this album! I love your most recent shoot! Especially the black and white of them holding hands and leaning backwards. You're so good!

shelly said...

I listened to one of their songs about a month ago on ITunes, because I love them BOTH, and I thought, "I have to get this!" Now I will! Thank you!